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Israel’s technology market is among the world’s most innovative ecosystems, having created global success stories such as Waze, Checkpoint, Mobileye and many others.  After over 30 years of innovation, Israel's "StartUp Nation" is more mature than it has ever been and is home to 8,000+ tech companies of which hundreds are established small software companies. These companies often build best-in-class products and could have meaningful organic and inorganic growth opportunities with the right strategic focus, capital and go-to-market expertise.

Lion Investment Partners focuses on mature, sustainable companies and looks to partner with great management teams to accelerate growth. With over decades of combined experience across technology investing, M&A and executive leadership in some of the world’s leading firms, we provide hands-on support to help our portfolio companies capture their most promising growth opportunities.



Right Opportunities. Powerful Collaborations

Client 3


$15-150M of revenue
Profitable or with a clear path to profitability

Client 5


Software companies with proven, hard-to-build & replace offering

Client 6


$10-50M of equity
$5-20M for follow-on M&A

Client 4


Israeli and Israeli-related companies

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We believe that there is an incredible new class of technology companies being built in Israel. Rather than growing at all costs and targeting numerous end markets, these companies leverage tightly tailored software and deep sector knowledge to become vertical market leaders with strong defensive moats, allowing them to grow profitably and sustainably.

We believe that building vertical software leaders can lead to a great outcome for founders, employees, shareholders and clients. Our mission as investors is to serve and enable our portfolio companies and, to that end, we have developed a purpose-built value creation toolbox. 

We work with strong leadership teams with a deep passion for their product and industry and add value in the following areas to accelerate growth and sustainability:

  1. New Business Acceleration: Leveraging deep needs-based market segmentation, high efficiency lead generation & qualification, and strategic partnerships to accelerate organic growth.

  2. Customer Value Growth: Focusing on onboarding & implementation, customer success, pricing, and new monetization models to optimize customer value.

  3. M&A: Nurturing inorganic growth opportunities with a programmatic acquisition strategy to add capabilities, footprint and scale. Our support starts from sourcing, to transacting and all the way through functional and cultural Integration. 

  4. People Ops & Organizational Health: Coaching executive team with focus on clear culture development, employee engagement, recruiting and employee onboarding, organizational design and goal management to establish sustainable employee growth, engagement, reduced turnover and higher productivity.  

  5. Back-office Automation & Efficiency: Evaluating and implementing tools and processes to reduce low-value activities, increase transparency and information flow within the organization and allow leadership and employees to focus on moving the needle.



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